Teak Ball wood material wait your idea to carved

 Teak Indofurni are founded at 1998 ,Located in Yogyakarta Indonesia, and still has high concern to producing teak furniture production. With the success of our Internet division, we have expanded into an on-line shopping mall offering a wide variety of products in many different departments. We have a warehouse in Jepara central Java,Yogyakarta,Blora , and ship products world wide through our Internet divisions. The portable building start We are in the process of expanding web sites to give people more access to quality products.

Current Business Model:
Teak Indofurni is operated  of our famillycompany owned business office in Yogyakarta ,Indonesia.

We do teak wood sourcing,sawmill,cut processing,assembling and carving with cooperation with wood working employee.

Our market  is supply local company ,supply hotels,restaurant,and export to europe and US

Others commodity can be manage with us like;iron casting,batiq,brass craft,leather,bamboo,rattan,carving stone and etc

We do for help our customers,and good service for their bussiness.


For further information,Please feel free to reach us at follows email adress:





Adress:Gedong Kuning no:32 Yogyakarta

Zip code:55171  Indonesia

Phone:,62 87839157121,62 87839661617


display stand
display stand
teak rocking chair  USD65
teak rocking chair USD65

Direct Call :62 87839157121

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